Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Something to WORRY about!

So I think a lot, far too much actually, about a few certain subjects. Such as zombies, for one, or more generally, apocalypse type scenarios (see blog post re losing glasses), and also the zeitgeist. I feel as though I need to define zeitgeist now, to make sure I am actually using the word correctly. I don't think I've ever used it, more like admired it from afar, so best be assured I understand the meaning.



 the defining spirit or mood of a particular period of history as shown by the ideas and beliefs of the time.

Close but not quite where I'm going. Let me start with where I'm going and perhaps back up from there and see if I can find the perfect defining word.

Where I'm going is this. So I'm totally enamoured of the Walking Dead. Like, obsessed. Said obsession however does not allow me to actually watch the show. No, I find it far too upsetting. I am the perfect definition of the warning that comes on prior to the start of each show, the one that says that viewers might find the upcoming scenes too intense. Too intense. It's like they crafted the exact right feeling that I have when watching - it's way to frickin' intense for me.  I've watched quite a few of the shows, I don't skip them all, but near the end of the season I tend to back off. I watch as long as I can stand it then I leave husband to finish, much to his chagrin, and go to bed, closing the door to our far away room so now random sounds drift upwards to nudge me from sleep. I google the show instead, reading the reviews and looking for spoiler alerts so I know what is going on. I grill him the next day, what happened, what will happen next. But I simply can't handle watching the show.

I think about it a great deal. If I'm bored, when I'm going to sleep. I think about how I would survive (I wouldn't) and how the world would look. That's what gets me, the whole how the world would look question. I think about how I think it is better to be from here, this land of cold and snow, so that at least there would be a few months' reprieve, when it freezes and snows and refuses to thaw, where the zombies would be frozen along with the landscape. When the survivors weren't chopping would and foraging for food they could round up the zombies, dig them out of snowbanks, and dispense of them.

We have no curtain or blind on the window in the part of the bathroom where my sink and mirror are. It's annoying, mostly for the reason that the sun shines in my mirror and it makes me put on my make up like a crazy woman because the light is so bad. But mostly it's annoying because I'm forever hiding from people, worried they will see me in this private space. However, it also allows me a high up view of the street. Not that anything happens on our street. But I do have a view, in case.

So I started thinking this: what if some jokester, some hooligans, decided to play at the walking dead? What if there were enough of them, and they were organized enough and tried hard enough, and they did a convincing enough job that I saw them? Is it possible that I could have a heart attack and die? And this has worried me off and on ever since I first thought it and then I realized: 

I have been reading, in between the several novels I'm reading right now (none of them are good enough to read simply on their own), anyways I am reading Where Good Ideas Come From: A Natural History of Innovation by Steve Johnson and in that book he says that innovation tends to happen concurrently. Like, if someone has an idea to invent something it is purely because the supporting tools/mechanisms/comprehension exists in the world and so it is likely (or a given?) that this same thing/idea will happen elsewhere because the world is ripe and ready for it. I'm sure that explanation doesn't do his beautiful book justice so you really should buy it and read it. Compelling stuff. 

So I applied this idea to the zombie trick fear and voila. There you have it. It is likely, in fact way too likely, that there are fiendish groups of people right now planning the when and the where of their awful zombie trickster meanness. I don't know if I feel better knowing that these plans are afoot, or worse. It also worries me, because a person can never not have enough things to worry about, that perhaps REAL zombies will come and I will see them out of my window with no window covering and I will think haha, I am onto you, tricksters, and THEY WILL BE REAL.

There really is no end to this problem. 

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